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How to choose good Dinnerware sets

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Update time : 2017-08-19 11:14:39
Buy Ceramic dinnerware set,porcelain or bone china is better.Both are fine dinnerware set material.Bone china dinnerware set is the world's recognized high-grade porcelain,it is natural milk white,transparent degree is very high, delicate texture.The formation of the bone china dinnerware mainly depend on silica,alumina and calcium oxide.The higher the content of calcium oxide,the better the color of bone china plates/cups and saucers/dinner sets.These year,Shanxi,as the biggest porcelain dinnerware manufacturer gathering place,invented new bone china,choosing bone mineral synthesis as material.which is mainly better in the glass gloss and brightness,white jade,crystal moist,New bone china now is various family ideal products,and it's price is cheaper than bone china.

Again from the surface artworks decoration way. According to the characteristics of artworks surface can be divided into color glaze, glaze, underglaze color and color glazed color that are not added and the white porcelain etc.. Under glaze in the traditional blue and white and exquisite blue and white, color is dull, the price is moderate; glaze color than underglaze color rich, high grade of products, but the strict technical requirements, and the cost is high, the price is also high; ceramic glaze color colorful, three-dimensional sense of strong smooth surface is low, processing convenient, so the cost is low. In addition to the different artistic effects, the main difference is in the content of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. The glaze, glaze and glaze porcelain, most of the white porcelain of lead and cadmium content is very low, but if the glaze color of ceramic decal when processing the use of low-quality pigments, or in the flower design on the amount of the pigment containing lead and cadmium high is too large, or baking temperature, the ventilation is not enough, it is very easy to cause the amount exceed the standard dissolution of lead and cadmium.

Shanghai Jin Ying porcelain is the largest manufacturer and exporter of ceramic dinnerware in Shanxi,China. our company has 6 production lines, daily suppliy ability more than 300000 items.We have more than 1000 employees, and has 100 R & D team. The company's product range in general, the main products are dinnerware set, plate, dish, bowl, cups and saucers, mugs.As the company's products of good quality and competitive prices, the products exported to more than 60 countries, widely favored by wholesalers.
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